Introduction to Trinidad

Many people return from Cuba stating that their favourite place was Trinidad and it is very easy to understand why. On arriving at this charming city and bouncing over the cobbled streets alongside horse driven carts, for me it was love at first sight. Much of Cuba's beauty lies in the natural surroundings and friendly people and Trinidad does not fall down in this respect. Set dramatically between the mountain range of Sierra de Escambray and some gorgeous caribbean coastline, Trinidad is a veritable feast for the eyes. It is also a perfect place to stay in a casa particular (private house), where Cuban families welcome you into their homes, serve up tasty dinners, tropical breakfasts and knowledgeable advice on the city.

However, Trinidad is probably most memorable for its quirky and delightful architecture. A UNESCO world heritage site since 1988, the historical centre is bursting with beautifully restored colonial houses, painted in a vast array of bright colours and capped with little terracotta tiled roofs. It feels as though you are in a fairy story as you wander around the tiny cobble stone streets, captivated by the understated beauty and tranquility of the place.

Whilst it is easy to spend all day just pottering about the town, there is a lot to do in Trinidad. The Plaza Mayor is home to three museums which pay homage to architecture (Museo de Arquitectura Colonial), traditional furnishings (Museo Romántico) and art in the aptly named Galería de Arte. There are endless museums to visit in the central part of the city, including the Museo de la Lucha contra Bandistas, a history of what happened to those who tried to oppose the revolution which also has stunning views from the bell tower. The Parque Céspedes is also a lovely place to relax during the day and on the weekend it becomes an open air disco for the city's younger crowd.

Cuba's Trinidad is home to whole host of good restaurants, many of which also contain bars, and if you're looking for a really different experience, head to Disco Ayala, set in a mountainside cave, it is a truly unusual place to practice your salsa moves!

Trinidad is a perfect starting point for venturing into the surrounding mountains or nearby beaches. Playa Ancona is home to a moderately sized beach resort and a good place to explore the more untouched bits of Cuba's coastline, without the hoards of tourists.

This is just a brief introduction to the treasures that lie in store for you in Trinidad de Cuba. Keep reading our Trinidad travel guide to find out more...

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